In late 2013, M. J. Schuetz Insurance Services was approved by the State of Indiana as a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). Soon thereafter, we received our WBE/DBE certification with the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Department of Transportation (INDOT).


How this works depends on the specific insurance related requirements of a construction project. These requirements can be as basic as requiring Workers Compensation and General Liability, or as extensive as requiring everything from Builders Risk to Professional Liability. Bonding may also be required. These costs are typically included as overhead for a project. Our new designation will provide clients with a new way to account for WBE/DBE participation without having to search for a WBE.


 Our hope is that this designation will continue to make our clients more competitive for public works projects while also helping them streamline their own bidding process. For more information related to our WBE Certification, please call our office or email us at wbe@schuetzins.com.


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Notice Regarding INDOT Jobs:


M.J. Schuetz recently learned of a federal law which affects how our customers may use our WBE status. Because we are an independent insurance agency and not a direct insurance carrier, our customers may only count the commissions charged for our role as a broker between the insurance company and the customer as WBE Participation. This rule applies to INDOT jobs and all Federal jobs, and is attached for your review. To our knowledge, this rule does not apply to state, city, or county jobs.


In order to make sure this rule is followed, we ask that our customers please contact us for their WBE Participation amount prior to their bids. We can then provide them with the amount of commission generated for that particular project (this will include bond commission, insurance commission, and any specialty insurance policy commissions). If our customers are low bidders, we will then ask them to sign the attached Purchase Order, so that job-specific documentation of the exchange exists.


If you have any questions or would like any clarification regarding this rule, please feel free to contact Dave Linthicum at 317-548-3054, or dave@schuetzins.com.


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