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Claims Reporting Procedures


In the event you should have an Employee Injury:


Please complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury form.  This form must be filed with the insurance company immediately after the injury.  Please call us for assistance on any claim at 317-548-3939


Please do not delay sending the First Report by waiting for medical bills, since these can be sent to your claim adjuster at a later date.



Please Note:


Most healthcare providers send billing statements directly to the injured employee, not the employer.  It is critical that each employee submit these statements to us for payment.  Many injured employees throw away the billing statements since they are not ultimately responsible for payment, and most work comp claim payment problems occur when medical bills are not submitted to the insurance company in a timely manner.  In most cases, the first statement is the most important statement, because it will contain a complete breakdown of the medical charges.  The insurance company needs this information to pay the bill.  Payment delays are often caused because the insurance company must request a breakdown of charges from the healthcare provider.


Payment for lost wages due to injury (indemnity payments) is paid after the employee has missed seven (7) days.  Payment will begin on the eighth (8th) day.  If the employee is unable to work for twenty-one (21) days, then wages for the first seven days will be paid.  The amount paid for lost wages is limited by law and is a percentage of the employee’s average weekly wage.  This amount varies by state.


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