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Maurice J. Schuetz, Sr. founded our agency in 1943 after working for several years as a surety company underwriter at USF&G.  It was there he developed strong, close relationships with his contractor clients who did not have a professional bonding agent.  This discovery led Mr. Schuetz to open an agency tailored to contractors who needed to secure bonds and obtain specialized insurance coverages.  His motto became, “See Schuetz Before You Build.”


A strong relationship with a knowledgeable surety agent is your most valuable resource if your business needs include obtaining surety credit.  Our agency has both experienced agents and a separate department dedicated to servicing bond requests for our clients.


Since 1980, our agency has continued as a member of The National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP).  Membership requires a commitment to NASBP’s “Code of Ethics” and is subject to professional peer approval.  We are one of only five accepted member agencies within the state of Indiana.


Due to our extensive involvement in the construction industry, we evaluate legislative, insurance, and bonding issues.  In recent years, advances in technology continue to impact contract administration and business transactions.  Our agency is actively involved in these new developments.  We participated in INDOT’s introduction of their electronic bidding (and electronic bond) system.  Presently, Jenni Waggoner, AVP and Bond Manager, serves as Vice Chair on an NASBP committee and as the leader of a national group of surety professionals working to create universal technology which will allow for faster servicing of bond requests, including mobile capabilities.


From Clowes Hall and Lucas Oil Stadium, to Wishard Hospital and the IPL Building, we have taken pride in knowing we have contributed to the growth of our state.



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